Misiu started his Ultimate career at a young age when he was just in Grad school.  There is no age too ripe to fall in love with ultimate, so this must explain why so shortly after he was hooked, and has been touring ever since.  Misiu is grateful for Kingston’s role in his development and passion for the game. He has unique knowledge and experience that has been shaped by playing on Kingston teams like Mothership and Surge (currently Local 613), and Toronto further expanded his love of the game by affording him opportunities to play with teams like NoBS and Zen.

Misiu joined Zen last year while battling an injury. Misiu demonstrates a deep commitment to personal development so that he can be at his best for the team. He also values developing players, especially youth or novice players that are entering and moving through the system.  He is highly committed to the team and developing the mixed system in Toronto. As captain, Misiu wants to bolster Zen’s development by giving players a space to work on high-calibre skills while also maintaining the fun aspects of flatball! Here is your captain for the 2017 season Misiu Godfrey!

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