We welcome and support the participation of transgender and gender non-binary players in our events.

Players are encouraged to mark the gender they are comfortable matching against. We expect that transgender men will choose men, transgender women will choose women, and other genders will select the gender they are most comfortable with at that time. This solution allows us to recognize and welcome players who do not identify as one of the two binary genders. If questions arise about what to do, teams can use Spirit of the Game to resolve it at that time and captains can let us know afterwards what occurred so that we can update our guidelines, if needed.

In general, all or some refunds will be offered until the registration deadline, as listed on the event page. After that date, no refunds can be offered.

As with any outdoor event, should lightning move into the area we are required to take shelter in vehicles or buildings – away from metal structures (backstops, fences), tall structures (light standards, trees) and out of the open field. Games will be delayed if the time between a lightning flash and the ensuing thunder is less than 30 seconds. Games will resume only when 30 minutes have passed since the last nearby lightning flash/thunder. Captains will be notified at least 15 minutes before games are scheduled to restart. If it goes on for an extended period of time, we will play it by ear and we ask all captains to please stay alert and in touch with the Tournament Directors.

We do not have a formal policy or concussion protocol in place, but rely on our trained First Responders at events.

We provide information on concussions in Ultimate based on Ontario Ultimate’s information which can be found here: