Welcome To The Ultimate Experience

You may have seen our brand around on jerseys or shorts of some of Canada’s most esteemed Ultimate touring teams. Maybe you saw it on a website, or a disc from a tournament. Most of what we do though goes unseen. We are the engine that drive the websites, the tryouts, the fields, the insurance, the sponsorship, the coaching, and many more aspects of touring and tournament. We do that so that players can focus on what matters – playing the game!

The Ultimate Experience has existed as a concept since 2003. Since that time we have provided administrative, technical and financial support to touring teams. Since 2007 we have additionally operated Ultimate tournaments. In 2016, we are incorporating and expanding the range of what we do. We look forward to seeing you at one of our events, or working with you through one of the teams – but mostly, we look forward to seeing you on a field playing Ultimate!

Our Mission

To promote and further the sport of ultimate through quality events and support of the touring community.

Our Values

We want to ensure that our company lives up to the ideals of the community it services. To that end, the following list represent our core values.

  • Have fun.
  • Foster an inclusive and equitable atmosphere.

  • Put in the hardwork to succeed.
  • Be creative and innovative.

  • Run environmentally and socially responsible events and activities.
  • Ensure everything is quality.
  • Be fair and honest in our dealings internally and externally.
  • Act in an efficient and smart manner.
  • We believe in Spirit of the Game.

  • Be courageous.

Our Events

We are quickly adding properties to our list of events. A quick glance shows how we are looking to spread.

The Teams We Support

The Ultimate Experience supports many teams across Canada in a variety of ways. Just a few of the teams who have received our support are shown below. Want to be an Ultimate Experience team? Reach out and contact us!