Ontario 4v4 Circuit

The Ontario 4v4 Circuit (O4C) is a provincial Ultimate frisbee circuit of 4v4 indoor tournaments. There are three series part of the circuit – Club (mixed division), and new this 2019 – 2020 year, Masters and Juniors series! Tournaments are held across the Ontario throughout the season (October – April) and occasional special division events are sprinkled throughout (single gender and single gender masters). Most tournaments are four hours of non-stop play with the best indoor pay-per-play rate! Each team earns a relative ranking index based on each games’ results in comparison to other games’ results. This ranking develops as teams play in multiple events in a series and reflects the team’s standing throughout the Circuit.

Each point played has huge impact on the rankings. Play in many events for a chance at improving your ranking and be crowned Circuit Champions!

Teams from across the Great Lakes region!

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2019 – 2020 Schedule

Tournament Name Date, Location
Ocho October October 12, 2019, Toronto
Beta, Juniors November 2, 2019, Toronto
Hub of Trent November 9, 2019, Hastings
Aged to Perfection, Masters November 16, 2019, Toronto
Nefarious November November 30, 2019, Toronto
Just a State of Mind, Masters December 7, 2019, Toronto
Dreamy December December 14, 2019, Toronto
Alpha, Juniors December 21, 2019, Toronto
Lilac December 21, 2019, Beckwith
Guelph 4 Grain December 28, 2019, Guelph
Jazzy January January 4, 2020, Toronto
Flashy February February 15, 2020, Toronto
Young at Heart, Masters February 17, 2020, Toronto
Hammer February 22, 2020, Ancaster
Electric City
March 14, 2020, Selwyn
Older & Wiser, Masters March 14, 2020, Toronto
March Mayhem March 21, 2020, Toronto
Frontenac March 21, 2020, Beckwith
Niagara March 28, 2020, Niagara Falls
Northern April 12, 2020, Sudbury
Age Before Beauty, Masters TBA, Toronto
Open and Women’s TBA, Toronto
Masters Open & Women
TBA, Toronto
London Fire TBA

4v4 Rules

The 4v4 Variation follows the USA Ultimate 11th Edition Rules with the following exceptions:

  • Games are played by teams of 4 on the field with a gender ratio of 2/2 (See UC’s 2017 annoucement, note our transgender inclusivity policy).
  • When hard cap goes, unless the game is tied or the disc is in the air, the point ends immediately. If the game is tied, finish the point. If the disc is released before the hard cap goes and caught in the endzone, the point counts. This rule is to align with Canadian 4v4 Ultimate Championships.
  • The playing field size is a rectangle shape measuring 18m x 30m. Endzones are 3m deep.
  • Only 2 pulls every game: at the beginning of the game and after halftime. Each team pulls once.
    • If the disc lands in-bounds (including endzones) and either stays in-bounds or rolls out of bounds without being touched by the receiving team, the disc is put in play where it first touched the ground.
  • Brick mark is set at 2m in front of the endzone line.
  • After a point is scored, the disc is left in the endzone at the spot in which it was caught. Play restarts in that same endzone (i.e., no pull after every point). The team that was scored upon checks the disc in play once the defence is ready.
  • Maximum 30 second delay between points. Play resumes when either:
    • 30 seconds have elapsed, or
    • Both teams are ready through a check.
  • If 25 seconds elapses and the offense has not put the disc in play, then defense warns the offense and counts down from 5, after ‘1’ has been said aloud the defense may begin to count stalls. If 25 seconds have elapsed and the defense is not ready, then the offense warns the defense and begins to count down from 5. After ‘1’ has been said aloud, the offense may put the disc into play.
  • Players may only sub on and off the field between points or from an injury timeout.
  • 3-minute halftime at the scheduled midpoint of the game.
  • Teams switch sides at the half.
  • Teams have 1 timeout per half.
  • A timeout lasts 60 seconds.
  • Before a game begins, the Captains should agree on a time piece if a clock is not easily visible from the playing field.

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Rating System: Relative Ranking Index

The Ultimate Experience flag

As mentioned above, team ratings develop as teams participate in multiple standard events. This helps us record historical data of 4v4 Ultimate communities – and it’s fun!

To have ratings carry over between events, teams must:

  • use the same team name
  • retain a minimum 50% of playing roster

We use USA Ultimate rankings algorithm with minor adjustments.

Looking for more results? We’ve moved past years’ standings to a new page!