The Ultimate Experience Club System

We have proudly supported club system teams since 2002. Our teams are committed to open tryouts, a tiered development system, and hold team practices. We offer VC Ultimate deals, field bookings, and tryouts support. UE Club Teams are institutions that leave a legacy and boast a large alumni pool.

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GOAT Ultimate

USAU Elite-Select Challenge 2016 Champions

Toronto International Open Division

Grand Trunk

2016 Canadian Ultimate Championship Gold Medalists

Toronto National Open Division

ROY Ultimate

Fire it up!

Toronto Regional Open Division


Hogtown heroes

Toronto Introductory Open Division

2017 inaugural season!
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Union Ultimate

Two-time Canadian champions!

Toronto International Mixed Division

Zen Ultimate

Over 200 alumni!

Toronto National Mixed Division

Mars Meet Venus Ultimate

Celebrating their 15th season!

Toronto Regional Mixed Division


Spark a change

Toronto Introductory Mixed Division

2017 inaugural season!
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Force Ultimate

The start of something new

Barrie Regional Mixed Division

Furious George

10-time Canadian champions, 3-time USAU champions, 3-time WUGC champions.

Vancouver International Open Division