Training is not cancelled

Be stronger, faster, and better, when we come back to the sport we love

Training by the UE: bootcamps, skill workshops, performance training and nutrition.

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We Are Dedicated To Delivering Quality

Simply put, we love Ultimate and are players too. We want to create the best experience for players in the sport.

The Ultimate Experience was created over ten years ago out of a passion for the sport, and specifically for the touring aspect of it. League is great, but it doesn’t capture all the joys of touring. When you tour you are spending an entire weekend doing something you love. You’re building memories and friendships with teammates that will last for a lifetime.

You are playing as many games in a weekend as you do in a half a season of a typical league, which means your skills are improving. Plus, you’re getting to play against people from all over who will challenge you to be better. Finally, you are making new friends and connections in other cities and even around the world. Touring in ultimate is an experience like no other!

To promote and further the sport of ultimate through quality events and support of the touring community.
We are players of the sport and share the same passion you do, so our focus is on creating the experiences we would want too!
We have run tournaments on a National and International scale and are always hungry for feedback and ways to improve. We never stop looking to get better!

Want to step up your game? We’ll help you get there.

  • Physical training put together by experts who understand Ultimate
  • The best Ultimate specific coaches in the world, coming to you and your team
  • Nutrition advice from an athlete’s perspective
  • Sports psychology delivered by professionals
  • One-on-one skills sessions with top players
  • Group sessions in a fun environment to share wisdom

Greg Lang Training 2011

Let’s See What Some Have To Say!

We love our participants and are fully dedicated to keeping their trust by offering amazing events and support!

The UE is a great support system for Toronto’s club scene. Coordinating tryouts and field space for the 100+ applicants who come out every year to be a part of the GOAT/Grand Trunk/Roy combo isn’t easy, and the UE takes that pressure off of the hands of the teams so they can focus on what’s important – playing.
Adrian Yearwood, GOAT / Toronto Rush
Gender Blender is one of the Ten Tournaments You Must Not Miss In Your Lifetime.

Disc brings people together, it’s amazing. Just from attending Zodiac and meeting people I have reached out and have three people playing various 4v4 tournaments with my team (Frankenstein). It’s great the Ultimate community!

Jeff Smith, North Bay Ultimate Players Association Executive
Ultimate Experience has been amazingly supportive of not just the women’s system in Toronto but in all the divisions on all touring levels. From being tech savvy to booking fields, they even have time to organize fun tournaments throughout the summer that have very knowledgeable on-site athletic therapists. Their efficiency and attention to detail makes you feel like your team has a mini UE minion in the back of your pocket so if you’re ever in trouble or need help, UE is always there to assist!
Jeannette Quach, 6ixers Captain & UE Athletic Therapist Coordinator