Gender Blender: One of the must-do tournaments in the world!

With over 20 years and counting, Gender Blender is the most amazing tournament you’ll ever attend.

What Else? We Have The Best Parties

Gender Blender’s Campsite party is a legendary event that harnesses the creativity of our participants to create stunning themed campsites. But that’s not all, when you come to Gender Blender you will also get the an amazing talent show and dance party!

  • Friday night campfires and campsite shenanigans!

  • Saturday evening skills competition, fastest people, and throw-run-catch

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Amazing Location: Walk to all fields!

Roll out of your tent, grab breakfast, and start playing without having to drive anywhere!

Only Two Days!

We heard you couldn’t handle 3 days of Gender Blender so we made some adjustments. A classic 2-day GB, and dropped the  price in the hope you’d still come! What do you say? Are you in?!

You're The 'Greatest'

$17500(tax & fees incl.)
Don't miss out on Gender Blender this year!
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Just a few of the awesome things you get

  • Showers right at the fields

  • Electricity and running water on the campsites

  • A quieter area for those who need a little extra shut-eye

  • Opportunities to win great prizes

  • Two days of scheduled games

  • A place you can be yourself

Gender Blender campsite

Come To This Amazing Event Now!

Never been to Gender Blender? Not sure what you’re missing out on? We recommend you talk to someone who has been, like these champions from last year!

Retro Beach Disc Club winning Gender Blender 2016

What Else? Check out this sneak peak from last year!

We usually say what happens at Gender Blender, stays at Gender Blender but we’ll give you a little look behind the curtain at what this world class event is about!

  • You get 3 meals! 2 hearty hot breakfasts, and an amazing dinner!

  • Snacks, midnight pizza run, and more! You will not go hungry!

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