22 Team Showdown

Our 2018-2019 Ontario 4v4 Circuit continued in December with 22 teams at two different facilities.

Once again, teams from across Ontario converged on Toronto. We had 10 returning teams to the Circuit from the November event, and we saw 12 new teams toss their hat in the ring for Dreamy December.

Located on the west side of Toronto, Lamport Stadium was host to the larger group of teams with 12 teams. More central to the city, Varsity Stadium hosted the remaining 10 teams.

Each venue had a good spread of skill, meaning challenging competition all around and great spirit from everyone.

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Ontario 4v4 Circuit

Not sure what the Ultimate Experience’s Ontario 4v4 Circuit is?

You can read more about it on our website.

This year we are bigger than ever with even more events, more locations, and more teams! 4v4 is an awesome, fast-paced version of indoor Ultimate that you won’t want to miss.

The Ultimate Experience’s Ontario 4v4 Circuit

By playing in Dreamy December, all teams are now registered for our Ontario 4v4 Circuit.

This year there will be more events, and more competition, than ever!

Our first two events sold out in just over a week – and registration has opened for more events in 2019 and more to come. We can’t wait to host you this season!

Stay tuned to our Facebook page, and our website, as we release further details around the series, some special events we are planning, and more.

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