Tune Squad – Kitchener

Captain: David Kaufman

In the captain’s words:

For the most part, all players on Tune Squad were a part of either PPF or Maverick back in the day, although there have been a few exceptions to this as we’ve had to fill spots on the roster. We are a group of friends and over time, our ultimate paths have caused us to drift in different directions and to different teams, but we wanted to find a way to play together in a competitive setting. The 4v4 series gave us that opportunity. We initially started a team to try to medal at 4v4 nationals, back when the series first launched. We would use Bonne Annee in Gatineau as a warm up for that and to build chemistry. Luckily, with a large effort from organizations like UE, we are given many more opportunities to play together during the winter to continue building chemistry and challenging ourselves.

How did you pick the team name? SPACE JAM

In our words:

When it comes to 4s, everyone knows the name Tune Squad. Partially that it’s such an awesome name, but largely thanks to the name the players have set for themselves. Tune Squad has been a dominant team for years in the Ontario 4v4 Circuit (O4C) and the Canadian 4v4 Ultimate Championships. They dominated at last year’s Western Sectionals, Hammer 4v4, and had a strong rating of 1531 to put them solidly at the top at the conclusion of the Ontario 4v4 Circuit. They squeezed out a strong performance at Flashy February to put them at the top of the 2019 rankings. Even when competing at the highest level, they stay true to their roots, and at the end of the day, they’re a group of friends that just want to play ultimate together. And they’re really good at it.