Hazardiscs – Toronto

Captain: Maggie Li

In the captain’s words:

The idea of putting in a 4s team was first conceived over a casual dinner in a dingy, HK-style restaurant. The captains, being extremely uncreative, decided to revive and uphold the legacy of the ‘Hazardiscs’ name which originated as a league team started by our friend, Arthur Yan, and we kept the name in his honour (he’s currently recovering from an Achilles injury but still came out to watch us play). Our players are based in Toronto and are a group of friends that have played together in a series of leagues and tournaments throughout the past year.

Our initial intention was to play for fun in a couple of the 4s tournaments, but our players continued to show interest in subsequent tournaments, allowing us to field a team each time and ending up with better and better results as the season went on! Guess we should’ve considered putting a team in for regionals?! The most telltale sign of our improvement was how tired we were after the first tournament compared to the last tournament (March Mayhem) – we were significantly less tired physically, which we credit to improvements in efficiency and understanding of the game. Nevertheless, the 4s series has brought us closer as a team, maintaining a good balance of having fun but also being competitive, as we continue to develop individually to meet our own goals for this summer. We’re excited to represent Hazardiscs and to have the name make a rep in the Ulti world!

In our words:

Hazardiscs came in under the radar. They were a new team in the Ontario 4v4 Circuit; a group of friends coming together to play some more ultimate. As they played more and more tournaments, we watched them climb the ranks and become a force to be reckoned with, culminating in a 1st place finish at March Mayhem! Aside from their on-field skills, Hazardiscs is a great group of spirited players that are enjoyable to play against (and put on tournaments for!). Now that they’ve got a handle on the 4s scene, we’re excited to see how strong they start out next year!