Attn: Toronto Ultimate Community – Men’s Coach Needed

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Attention Toronto Ultimate Community: ROY Ultimate is actively seeking one or more individuals interested in coaching for the 2017 season. This season, ROY will be competing in the Canadian Ultimate Series and this position will be a large time commitment. The Coach will be expected to work in conjunction with the team captains to run [...]

Toronto Women’s System Seeks Four Coaches

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The Toronto Women's Ultimate System Is Looking To Fill Up To Four Coaching Positions! Attention Toronto Ultimate Community. The Toronto 6ixers and Toronto Tox6ix are actively seeking individuals interested in coaching for the Toronto Women’s Ultimate System for the 2017 season. We are specifically seeking to fill up to four coaching positions: 1 [...]

6ixers 2017 Coaching Announcement

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Coaching Announcement The 6ixers are very excited to welcome Carla Difilippo back as our head coach for the 2017 season! You may remember her name… she has contributed to the success of numerous Toronto teams over the years. For starters, Carla is one of the awesome coaches behind Elites Ultimate. She also [...]

Women’s Club System Player Development Coach

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Ryan started his touring career in 2006 with ROY and worked his way up through the Toronto men's system with Grand Trunk, GOAT, and the 2013 undefeated AUDL champion Toronto Rush team as well as the 2011 Team Canada Beach men's team. Ryan has spent the last couple seasons as a part-time [...]

Women’s Competitive Team Assistant Coaches

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We're pleased to announce that the Toronto Women's Competitive team will have these talented women assisting with the coaching this summer! Julia is our handy dandy assistant coach who originally started her ultimate career back in 2004 with the east coast women's team Salty as a handler. She captained from 2006-2009 and shortly after in [...]

Mixed Tryouts

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Have you signed up? Mixed tryouts are right around the corner and we hope you are geared up for competition in the crisp, possibly cold, possibly windy, but FRESH* spring air. *Freshness cannot be guaranteed in the city of Toronto. If you haven't signed up yet, please complete our form! [...]

Toronto Women’s Competitive Coaches

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Coach 1 Most of you have definitely seen her amazing handling skills as she makes breaking you look effortless as a player on Capitals in 2014 and a Captain/Player on Lotus in 2015 as she helped lead the team to compete at the Canadian Ultimate Championships in Winnipeg, Manitoba. What most of you don't know is that Anne started [...]