A New Chapter

This past weekend, we hosted 48 teams who played a grand total of 168 games to kick off the outdoor touring season at Sunnybrook Park.

We continued the tradition of the tournament’s predecessors, Toronto Sport and Social Club’s Toronto Ultimate Festival (TUF) and Toronto Ultimate Club’s Toronto Ultimate Tournament (TUT). The tournament was established circa 1994, this year likely marking its 24th anniversary. It is an important early season outdoor tournament which many teams use for inter-regional play and final cuts for tryout prospects. Read more for teams, tales, results and prizes.

TUX Tales

Photo by Eye to Ngai Photography

An Ultimate tournament is made up of dozen of individual stories. Here are just a few of the tales we know of:

  • In addition to players from all over Ontario, players came in from Quebec, Manitoba and British Columbia for this tournament.
  • Several players played with teams in two different divisions, and at least three players who played 14 games this weekend!
  • A new touring team from Sudbury, with several players new to touring, connected with a local touring coach who gave them tips to at least one win. They hope to connect again in the near future!
  • Strong teams who took the opportunity to provide coaching moments to their opponents.
  • A guy who is moving away (literally flew out Sunday night) to start life in a new city, but played one last weekend with his friends.
  • Three club teams sent split squads this weekend and all three of them played their other half in the championship bracket.
  • This was one of the first tournaments we know in Canada, to encourage WFDF Rule A, in support of gender equity.
  • A 4o-something year old played their first tournament with their first touring team. Everyone can tour!

Do you have a story to share? Let us know!



Spirit is important to us at our events, and in the community and sport in general. As such, we are recognizing the spirit winners from the tournament first.


  • VC Ultimate Shopping Spree


  • cash prize OR full free team admission to TUX 2019 (est. $500+ value)

Thank You Sponsors

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