Tetraphobia – Hamilton

Captain: T.J. Reeds

In the captain’s words:

Tetraphobia – is a fear of the number 4. Tetraphobia has been around for a few years now, with some turnover among players but a consistent core group. We came from the team Garlok and Onions, which was a play on one of our players Garlok Lee and Union (the rest of us). We changed our name the following year to Tetraphobia. Garlok Lee, who played for the next couple years (now just a sub) just happened to be number 4! Nobody wants him covering you! It’s a fun name, and we really want to make other teams uncomfortable in the 4×4 game.

Our team is a close-knit group of friends from the Southwestern Ontario. We are known for running clean systems offensively and forcing teams into difficult choices defensively. We’ve had a good season so far in the UE circuit and look to continue our flow into regionals and Nationals.

In our words:

Tetraphobia is a competitive team that has proven time and time again why they deserve to be at the top of the rankings each year. Built on a strong foundation, they certainly live up to their goal of having other teams dread playing them. Their roster features tall, talented women that dominate the field, and their years of playing together shows in their on-field chemistry. Their results speak for themselves, with a strong 4th place finish at Canadian 4v4 Ultimate Nationals this year, and 3rd and 4th in our Ontario 4v4 Circuit 2017-2018 & 2018-2019, respectively. Excited to see how they climb the rankings in years to come!