Ray’s Balls – London

Captain(s): Julia Peden, Joel Vallee

In the captain’s words:  

Ray’s Balls is made up mostly of Western players or alum. Myself (Julia Peden), David Lundy, Kat Fraser, and Joel Vallee started talked a year or two ago about a competitive 4s team and so we asked our friends who we have played with in the London/Western area. We started out as the Leiout Washouts at Wasaga back in 2017. While at Wasaga, we rented a cabin and hung out all weekend. On Saturday night we had a potluck dinner where our oldest player had served us his homemade meatballs over spaghetti. He prepped them for hours the day before we left, (see the video that helps capture it all to the left).

After that weekend, the cheer ‘rays balls’ just stuck and it has become the team name, regardless if Ray plays with us or not. We are a competitive team for the indoor series and will be putting in a team into Regional’s again. The 4v4 Circuit tournaments are for us to work out our kinks and to bond more as a team!

In our words:

It’s not easy getting up for an Saturday tournament… in the winter… that starts at 8am… when you live in another city 2-hours away! Yet this team has been one of the most regular attendees at our events over the past couple of years. Not only do they make the trek, play amazing Ultimate, but they are one of the kindest and nicest teams. We loved this team when they first showed up at our Wasaga Beach Tournament, and we’re thrilled that they play through sun and surf, and wind and snow. These folk bring a smile to our face every time we see them.