Inspired by Vancouver Ultimate League’s (VUL) policy announced earlier this year, we at the Ultimate Experience updated our inclusivity policy.

We are consciously using gender-neutral language to make our website and events welcoming and supportive of transgender players. If we missed copy somewhere, please let us know!

On the field, transgender players should mark the gender they are most comfortable marking against at the time. In general, we expect that transgender men will choose men, transgender women will choose women, and other genders will select the gender they are most comfortable with at that time.

This is a simplification of VUL’s transgender inclusivity policy which was developed in consultation with British Columbia’s local queer, trans and Two-Spirit resource centre, QMUNITY. VUL offers an informative glossary and explains their implementation of the policy across the league, website content and user profiles.

We are proud to support the inclusive culture that we love about this sport.

See our transgender inclusivity policy alongside our other policies here.