Gareth Cawley

This chemistry high school teacher travels all over the world to play in incredible Ultimate tournaments. We’ve asked for his thoughts on Gender Blender.

Gareth coaching his high school team, Marshall McLuhan Rebels, at the Canadian High School Ultimate Championships

How long have you been playing Ultimate?

“This will be my 9th summer.”

From and currently living in Toronto, Gareth has played on many teams such as MMV, Zen, Quick & Dirty, Max Power and the Forgotten.

Which years did you attend Gender Blender?

“2008 – 2013.”

What is your favourite part of Gender Blender?

“Friday night campsite games.”

What is your favourite memory of Gender Blender?

“First time at GB and walking into the woods to see an insane amount of campsites in the middle of the woods.”

Gareth at the Boreo Headhunters Hat tournament earlier this year

GB was my first tournament with a team and I’m pretty sure it is the reason I got into ultimate.”

Gareth snagging one at Gender Blender 2016

After getting hooked on Ultimate nine years ago, Gareth attended six years straight of Gender Blender until the Last Blender in 2013 and that first tournament jumpstarted his world travelling bug of great parties and Ultimate.


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