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Event Summary

  • 2-day format
  • 7 games per team
  • athletic therapy on-site
  • touring-level competition
  • a shot at the coveted Not-ionals title!

A Shot at the coveted Not-ionals Title

We thought, “Why miss out on the fun of Nationals, let’s have our own!”


If you are interested in registering a team to this tournament and have not been invited, please let us know.

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Saturday Night Party

Queen’s Bar & Nightclub

“We will be opening Queen’s Nightclub from 7 PM this Saturday exclusive to you from 7 PM – 10 PM then we will be opening up to the public (feel free to stay afterwards as we’re open until 2:30 AM) with a discounted cover charge of $3/per person. I will add tables & chairs in the front room if you want to order food. Our resident DJ Andy B will spinning starting at 7 PM.

See the menu at the website here.”

$4 Mixed Drinks before 11:30 PM
$4 Domestic Beer before 11:30 PM
$4.50 Jager Bombs ALL NIGHT
$4.50 Florida Tracksuits ALL NIGHT
$4.50 Porn Stars ALL NIGHT

City of Barrie & the Barrie Film Festival are hosting a free screening of The Tragically Hip’s final concert at Heritage Park. See more details here.

Heritage Park is a five minute walk from our Party venue.


Lightning Policy

The weather currently calls for rain with some chance of thunderstorm. As with any outdoor event, should lightning move into the area we are required to take shelter in vehicles or buildings – away from metal structures (backstops, fences), tall structures (light standards, trees) and out of the open field. Games will be delayed if the time between a lightning flash and the ensuing thunder is less than 30 seconds. Games will resume only when 30 minutes have passed since the last nearby lightning flash/thunder. Captains will be notified at least 15 minutes before games are scheduled to restart. If it goes on for an extended period of time, we will play it by ear and we ask all captains to please stay alert and in touch with the Tournament Directors.

Check the City of Barrie website for any cancellation updates or call the inclement weather hot line (updated at 6:30 AM and 3 PM daily): 705-739-4215.