Union Ultimate

UNION is in its 6th year, and coming off a highly successful summer where we fought to a silver place finish at CUC 2015. Despite two silvers & one gold in four appearances at CUC, a 9-6 record at the US Open over the past two years, and earning an Ultiworld Power Ranking of 4th in NA over the 2015 summer series, we have never made the USAU fall championship series a primary focus. In 2016 and beyond, this will change.

We are now ramping up our effort for 2016, and we are eager to hear from any talent out there who is interested in hearing more about our tryouts, and potentially some limited opportunity pre-season activities. At this point we are still finalizing our schedule & commitment, but expect 1x week team practices and a tournament schedule that may look very close to this:

We thank you for your attention & interest. If you have questions or simply want to learn more, we can be found online at union.playwithspirit.com, on facebook as Union Ultimate, on twitter @union_ultimate, and via email union.ultimate@gmail.com.

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