Tryouts are concluded for 2017. Check again next year!

Welcome to The Ultimate Experience's tryout page. To sign up for a team we first need to know what city, division and teams you want to tryout for.

Want to join a Club system that has over 500 alumni? Play for a team with over a decade of measured success? Be part of a legacy, while writing your own?

Our teams have a proven track record of longevity and provide a structured system for individuals to grow and expand their skills. Over the years, many players have started with our feeder teams and gone on to play for some of the top teams in North America.

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Tryout Details

Tryouts will be held Friday April 21: 6pm - 7:30pm at Barrie Sports Dome.

Tryouts will be held Sunday April 23: 3pm - 6:30pm at TBD - in Barrie.

May 6-7: Tryout Tourney (by invite)Toronto Ultimate Festival

The Dome is a turf facility and it is spring, please dress appropriately for each tryout. Please bring your cleats, a disc, a water bottle, a white jersey, a dark jersey.

The cost for tryouts will be $11.99 for both sessions to cover the costs of tryouts.

Why Choose Us?

FORCE Ultimate is a mixed Competitive touring team from Barrie, Ontario. FORCE is committed to continuing to develop high calibre touring players to compete with the best of the best the Nation has to offer. In 2015 FORCE qualified for the Canadian Ultimate Championships in Winnipeg Manitoba. In 2016 FORCE competed at the Ontario Ultimate Championships and was just one seed short of qualifying for the Canadian Ultimate Championships. In the 2017 season, FORCE will compete at the Canadian Ultimate Championships in Saskatoon,SK, with hopes of securing a bid to Club Worlds in 2018. FORCE is looking for new and returning players who wish to take their ultimate experiences to the next level. We are looking for players who are committed to the competitive ultimate scene and who have a positive attitude, willingness to learn and spirit of the game.

We are also looking for players who may not have competitive touring experience, but are looking to improve their skills by learning from more experienced competitive players for our practice roster. If this is something that you are interested in, we would love to have you!


Practices will be Held on Wednesdays from 6pm-Dusk
Location: Warnica Public School - Barrie, ON
Duration: May 5th- August 20th, 2017

Team Members are also encouraged to play Monday Nights in Barrie run by the Barrie Ultimate League.

Giving Back: Force is thankful to have the support of the Barrie Ultimate League and we are committed to furthering the sport of Ultimate in Barrie. Players will be asked to help run junior clinics and participate in other BUL related activities. In return, BUL provides financial assistance for practice fields and other team costs.

Other Costs: New Players will be responsible for the purchase of the team uniform (shorts and 2 shirts). Additional costs will include tournament fees as well as gas and accommodations associated with these events. These costs will be split among team members. An initial fee of $150 will required by all FULL TIME players to help pay some of these costs in advance and avoid multiple payments in the future.

Questions? Email

Be part of a successful club team, and build your profile as a player.

Tryout Details

Downsview Park Field #1(Football):
Thursday April 20: 7pm - 9pm

Downsview Park Field #1(Football):
Tuesday April 25: 7pm - 9pm

Downsview Park Field #1(Football):
Sunday April 30: 4pm - 8pm

These are outdoor field turf facilities and weather may be inclement, please dress appropriately.

The cost for tryouts will be $29.45. Please bring a white and a dark jersey, and a disc.

As part of your commitment to the team all players will be required to complete 10 hours of volunteer time with the Toronto Ultimate Club between May 2017 and September 2017.

Why Choose Us?

Ultimate is one of the few opportunities for competitive athletics to be truly co-ed, and in recent years, Toronto has established itself as one of the premier cities in the world to play mixed ultimate. If you enjoy playing the mixed game, and want to push yourself to new competitive heights and to improve as a player, consider competing on one of our three mixed teams.

Union Ultimate is committed to building a team based on respect, continual development, and competitive excellence. We believe world-class mixed ultimate belongs in Toronto. In the 2017 season Union will compete at the Canadian Ultimate Championships, aiming to secure a bid for World Clubs in 2018. We’ll also be competing in the USAU Fall Series, where we’ll have the opportunity to take it to the best mixed teams in North America and re-establish our presence as a top 10 USAU team. We’re looking for players who are skilled, play smart, and have a good attitude.

While we’re yet to confirm every tournament we will compete at this season, the follow tournaments are being considered (with bold tournaments confirmed). Final decisions will depend on our roster and availability.

Toronto Ultimate Festival, Toronto, May 6/7
One of: Mixed Easterns, Boston, June 3/4 OR Boston Invite, Devens, June 24/25
Ontario Ultimate Championships, Waterloo, July 8/9
Select Flight Invite, Columbus, Ohio, July 29/30
Canadian Ultimate Championships, Saskatoon, Aug 24-27
USAU Fall Series, Sectionals, Rochester, NY, Sep 9/10
USAU Fall Series, Regionals, Devens, MA, Sep 23/14 (if successful at sectionals)
USAU Fall Series, Nationals, Sarasota FL, Oct 19-22 (if successful at regionals)

The team will practice twice per week on Tuesday (location TBD - likely far west, ~7:30pm - 9:30pm) and Thursday (Lamport Stadium, 8pm - 10pm) from May until October. In weeks preceding and following tournaments, mandatory practice will be reduced to one night/week.

Zen is a competitive Toronto touring team. We have been developing players who have gone on to populate the rosters of GOAT, Union, 6ixers, and many more. This year, with the ongoing support of Union, the goal for Zen is to provide touring players who are eager to develop their skills with an opportunity to work with multiple experienced coaches to push their game to the next level. Players joining Zen in 2017 will be challenged and supported on the field, and pushed to achieve their Ultimate goals.

Mars Meet Venus formed in 2003 with the goal of providing an accessible option for players interested in tournament play. MMV 2017 will allow players to improve their individual and team skills through weekly Tuesday practices and an opportunity to play in numerous tournaments over the course of the summer touring season. As in 2016, the MMV 2017 practice and tournament rosters will be by invitation only.

Tryout Details

Downsview Park Field #1(Football):
Saturday April 22: 1pm - 5pm

Downsview Park Field #1(Football):
Sunday April 23: 11pm - 3pm

This is an outdoor field turf facility, please dress appropriately.

Tryouts will continue after that with May Goat League (extra cost for those invited). Participants will be notified at the end of the first tryout where to go for the next one.

The cost for tryouts is $29.45. Please bring a disc and light/dark jerseys.

As part of your commitment to the team all players on Grand Trunk and ROY will be required to complete 10 hours of volunteer time with the Toronto Ultimate Club between May 2017 and September 2017.

Why Choose Us?

The open club structure, formed in 2004, includes three teams: GOAT, Grand Trunk and Roy. Anyone interested is welcome to tryout.


The USAU series allows for 27 players in the fall series and a maximum of 30 players to compete for GOAT during the season and only 3 can miss regular season events. The days of Summer and Fall rosters are over.

GOAT will be attending the following tournaments this year

July 8-9
Ontario Ultimate Championships
Waterloo, Ontario

July 29-30
USAU Select Flight Invite
West Hillard, Ohio

August 17-20
Canadian Ultimate Championships
Ottawa, Ontario

September 3-4
East Coast Invite
New York, New York

September 9-10
UASU Sectionals
Rochester, New York

September 23-24
USAU Regionals
Devens, Massachusetts

Oct 12-15
USAU Championships
Sarasota, Florida

GOAT will practice Tuesday (with RUSH until early August) and Thursdays from Mid May until the end of September.

Grand Trunk

GT will be attending the following tournaments this year

June 3-4
No Surf
Cleveland, Ohio

June 10-11
Montreal, Quebec

July 8-9
Ontario Ultimate Championships
Waterloo, Ontario

July 22-23
No Borders
Ottawa, Ontario

August 17-20
Canadian Ultimate Championships
Ottawa, Ontario

Plus one of the following tournaments:

July 1-2
All Canadian Classic
Toronto, Ontario

July 29-30
USAU Select Flight Invite
Columbus, Ohio

Grand Trunk will have an intense schedule leading up to the Canadian Ultimate Championships. The team will roster up to 25 players with everyone expected to attend the majority of practices and tournaments. The leadership team will value commitment, the drive to improve, solid fundamentals and tournament attendance when selecting the final roster.

GT will practice on Tuesdays and Thursdays until CUC. Please send any questions to the leadership at


Firstly, ROY Ultimate would like to announce one of their captains for the upcoming year. Daniel Ngai will be the guiding force behind ROY this year, after spending the last year as a handler on ROY. His plan this year is to give ROY a rebranding, beginning with a new practice regime based upon SME (Subject matter experts). The remaining captains and the head coach will be announced at a later date.

In addition to a dedicated coach, ROY will be inviting past and current members of Rush, GOAT, 6ixers, Capitals, GT, Team Canada and others to host clinics every other week on a distinct topic. This is a great way to integrate the collective institutional memory of the Toronto Ultimate community, especially amongst the Ultimate Community that is no longer actively touring. As a developmental team, ROY recognizes one of their primary functions is to get lower level competitive players to the level where they can aspire to make these higher level teams in the future. Having this practice plan allows players to learn from high level players as well as provide variety to practices.

This past year, ROY benefited greatly from its partnership with Grand Trunk Ultimate, the current reigning Canadian National Champions, by having GT players come down and join practices on a regular basis. Leadership from both teams recognize the value of this partnership and are committed to continuing it.