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Countdown To The First Pull Of
The 2019 Outdoor Touring Season

Registration is Monday!

Registration for the Toronto Ultimate Exhibition is coming soon. This event will be held at Sunnybrook Park on May 11th & 12th. The cost per team will be $550 (including all taxes and fees).

Register Soon

Spring is just around the corner, and with it comes the yearly tradition of kicking off the touring season in Eastern Canada with the Toronto Ultimate eXhibition (TUX). Like the Toronto Ultimate Festival (TUF), and the Toronto Ultimate Tournament (TUT) before it, we will be providing a top notch tournament experience to get the outdoor touring season started.

Please watch our website and Facebook page for more information on team registration, sponsors, extras, and more to be coming over the next couple of weeks. To ensure you don’t miss the registration deadline, you can also sign up for our mailing list.

Register Soon


Jr. Open Divisions
Jr. Women’s Divisions
Jr. Mixed Divisions
Open Divisions
Women’s Divisions
Mixed Divisions
M. Open Divisions
M. Women’s Divisions
M. Mixed Divisions
GM. Open Divisions
GM. Women’s Divisions
GM. Mixed Divisions


A look at how the various combined divisions are filling up based on pre-registration. We are accepting team bids for 12 different divisions, however, we will collapse divisions into the core 3 adult divisions if smaller ones do not fill. (ie. Women’s Masters will fold into Women’s if not enough Women’s Masters teams register to make a valid division, or Open Grand Masters would fold into Open Masters and then Open etc.). Teams will of course be given the opportunity to withdraw if their preferred division does not fill.

The 12 divisions are: Junior Open, Junior Women, Junior Mixed, Open, Women, Mixed, Open Masters, Women Masters, Mixed Masters, Open Grand Masters, Women Grand Masters, Mixed Grand Masters.

Pre-Registered Teams

The following teams have signed up and expressed their intent to compete at the tournament.


  1. U24 Team Canada

Mixed Masters

Mixed Grand Masters


  1. U24 Team Canada

Women Masters

Women Grand Masters


Open Masters

Open Grandmasters

Register Soon


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Our Team

Kevin Vigar
Kevin VigarEvents, The Ultimate Experience Inc
Kevin is a sports industry professional and was part of the original organizing team behind the Toronto Ultimate Festival, after the Toronto Ultimate Tournament folded. We’re excited to have his experience and assistance in planning out the the second year of TUX.
Blue McClellan
Blue McClellanOwner, The Ultimate Experience Inc
Over a decade of experience running Ultimate tournaments, and many years as a touring team captain before injury forced him into retirement.
Alyne Azucena
Alyne AzucenaOwner, The Ultimate Experience Inc
Passionate Ultimate world-traveler, competitive touring player, and lover of beach Ultimate.

Refund Policy

We understand that sometimes 'life happens'...

Refund Policy

...so, our refund policy is quite lenient!

Before the registration deadline of April 14th, refunds will be handled on a case-by-base basis. Please email us.

After the registration deadline, we cannot promise any refunds but we will do our best. Email us!

Special Sunnybrook Park Note

As many of you know, early season tournaments like this are subject to whatever weather conditions spring throws at us. The staff at Sunnybrook Park take great pride in their fields, but also ferociously safeguard the quality of them, which means that they will shut down park use if they feel the fields are too wet to allow for play without damaging them.

We do have some backup options available, and will be in communication with teams leading up to the event if the weather looks threatening.

As your tournament directors, we will continue to plan for TUX with the intention to execute a top notch event for you! Please feel free to contact us at info@playwithspirit.com or 519-939-6246 with any questions or concerns.