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We will be doing assessments for Ultimate Players that can be used to direct training but that can also be used as a stand-alone athlete report card. The assessment will highlight any potential injury risks (dysfunction or asymmetry) as well as provide baseline testing to help us direct your programming to give you the best results on the field. This is a crucial part in knowing what you need and how it fits in with achieving your goals - think of this as giving us an athlete profile so we know where to improve you!

The goal of the assessment is two-fold:

The combination of these helps build elite athletes that are durable enough to continue to play.

The above image shows the hierarchy of athletic performance. My job as your strength and conditioning (S&C) coach is to address the middle two layers of the pyramid. I get you moving properly with the appropriate levels of mobility and stability (which also helps prevent injuries) which then leads to strength, power and other necessary athletic qualities. You then take those qualities and use them in conjunction with the sport-specific skills you develop to excel at your sport.

If you are already an outstanding Ultimate player, S&C helps to keep you on the field and out of therapy while giving you that extra performance boost, such as jumping higher or running faster, since there is always room to improve. If you are still improving as a player, S&C makes sure you are building sport-specific skills on the best possible platform for performance and injury prevention. What good is being a great technical player if you can't run fast, jump high or perform for the duration of the game?

If skills and strategy are considered equal between two teams, the stronger more powerful athletes will always prevail, and you want to make sure you are the team with the upper hand. There is always room to improve, and it is likely a great deal of improvement can be done outside of sport-specific skills.

The Assessment

The assessment itself will be approximately 30 minutes long and will include:

From there if there are any red flags that Amanda wants to investigate further she will go through 5-10 minutes of muscle testing and movement related testing to give us an even clearer picture of how we can help you and give you a corrective exercise or two.


After the assessment there are 3 possible routes.