...to the first installment of the offseason working sessions.

What is this?

We will be hosting bi-weekly skills development sessions for players to work on their game in the offseason. The concept is to provide a regular space, coordinate drills/activities, and allow competitive players to work with one another collaboratively. Sessions will be organized similarly to a practice, but with more of a chance to work on and develop individual skills.

Programming will be constructed by Sean Henderson (GOAT, Union), Emma Seaborn (Union, Capitals), Amanda Moore (Union), and Warren Tang (Union, Best Before) primarily, with additional guest leaders. We will set an agenda each session, and give high level instruction as to the focal points & the method of execution. Much of the work will be done in small groups that can focus on high reps, and sharing pointers and feedback.

Sessions will focus on individual skills, techniques, and mechanics - things that you don't get easily from playing league or training on your own.

THIS IS NOT A CLINIC. Do not expect us to be 'coaches', or to be responsible for your individual learning or development. Rather, we are creating a structure and space so that you can work on your own game with your peers.

Skill Level & Groups:

While we would love to be able to offer this to anyone who is interested, indoor space is of course limited. Additionally, since this is a collaborative session, we want to group people into as similar a level as possible (some combination of skill level, experience, & athleticism).

As such, we will have a committee that will evaluate and select the top 44 people out of all registrants, and from there will subdivide into a 1st and 2nd group.



Location & timing

Expectation of participants


While the format may very well change, below is a sample structure. We will establish a consistent format each week.

20 min: Warmup & agility/plyo
10 min: Sprint / high intensity
60 min: 2-3 drills
20 min: Game scenario (e.g. scrimmage, 3 on 3, something game-like to highlight concepts of day)
10 min: throwing focus

Registration is now open!

Registration Notes

Selcted applicants will be notified for payment details