Physical Activity Readiness Questionnaire – PAR-Q

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Performance Coaching - Nutrition & RecoveryPerformance Coaching - Mental PerformancePerformance Coaching - Nutrition & Recovery + Mental PerformancePerformance Coaching - Strength & ConditioningPerformance Coaching - Strength & Conditioning + Nutrition & RecoveryPerformance Coaching - Strength & Conditioning + Mental PerformancePerformance Coaching - Strength & Conditioning + Nutrition & Recovery + Mental PerformanceNutrition Plan - StandardNutrition Plan - Customized

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Health History:

Has your doctor ever said you have a heart condition, and that you should only do physical activity recommended by a doctor?


Do you feel pain in your chest when you do physical activity?

In the past month, have you had chest pain when you were not doing physical activity?

Do you lose balance because of dizziness or do you ever lose consciousness?

Do you have a bone or joint problem (back, knee, or hip) that could be made worse by a change in your physical activity?

Is your doctor prescribing drugs (for example water pills) for your blood pressure or heart condition?

Do you know of any other reason why you should not participate in physical activity?

Have you had surgery ever?
If yes, what was the surgery?

Are you currently taking any medications regularly (aspirin, tylenol, birth control, etc.)?

If yes, what medication?

Do you have any pain or stiffness in...:

Any previous injuries? Where, when, what did you do about it, and is it fully recovered? (Example: Left shoulder dislocation, TUX 2018, went to a physiotherapist and did rehab exercises for 2 months, 90% recovered)

Top 3 Goals:
Sport-Specific TrainingExplosivenessKnowledgeFoundationEnduranceMobilityIncrease StrengthReduce PainInjury ReductionBody Re-compositionOther

Any additional thoughts or comments?

Assumption of Risk
I am aware that participating in the event hosted by The Ultimate Experience Inc. exposes me to many inherent risks, dangers and hazards. By engaging in the event I freely accept and fully assume all inherent risks, dangers and hazards and possibility of personal injury, death, property damage or loss resulting there from. I agree to waive any and all claims that I have or may in the future have against the tourney organizers and their partners in the event due to any cause whatsoever including negligence.

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I hereby grant permission to The Ultimate Experience and its representatives to take photographs or videos of me and to make recordings of my voice at the event or location I am 18 years of age or older and I am competent to contract in my own name, or if not, I have secured the signature of my parent or legal guardian.

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