1406, 2019

Taste of Touring 2019

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Introductory Touring Ultimate Teams Touring is the epitome of Ultimate - tournaments offer almost as many games in two days as in one league season. It emphasizes skill development and community; tie in fun road trips, team bonding, and spirited play and you've got one heck of a weekend! Again this year, we had a record number of [...]

2504, 2019

Team Profile: Hazardiscs

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Hazardiscs - Toronto Captain: Maggie Li In the captain's words: The idea of putting in a 4s team was first conceived over a casual dinner in a dingy, HK-style restaurant. The captains, being extremely uncreative, decided to revive and uphold the legacy of the ‘Hazardiscs’ name which originated as a league team started by our friend, Arthur [...]

2504, 2019

Team Profile: 4 Ladies

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4 Ladies - Peterborough Captains: Kerri Kightley and Jocelyn Blazey In the captain’s words: This group (thanks for the name, Loat!) was pulled together as a bit of a dream team of ladies that we captains have always wanted to play with. We are pretty passionate about creating spaces for women to demonstrate all of their incredible [...]

304, 2019

Women’s League – Week 5

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Final week of the women's winter league! And the winners are... The top spirit goes to The Leunging Centre for ladies to throw frisbees and read discs good The top player-maker goes to Nico Berstch with an impressive 13.5 'stat points' per game. 18 scores and 32 assists throughout the season! And the league championship goes [...]

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