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#First NameLast NameEmailPhoneDOBExperiencepIDerIDSignup TimestampPaid 939-62461975-08-304097114512017-11-20 09:11:09N 669-96561980-04-22union, spaghetti, rhinoceros779114662017-11-21 16:11:44N 671-15461988-11-23I've been playing for a couple of years. I was on mmvs practice roster and did touring with trailmix this past summer. 4555114702017-11-21 19:11:15N 569-01751983-11-01Bulldogs/MMV Middle cutter/3rd handler 4812114712017-11-21 19:11:04N 773-96641988-06-30Played for 4 years. 2 years touring. NoBS last year and Zen this summer.4161114722017-11-21 19:11:26N 920-12041976-12-01BCP captain for 18 years. Thus, old. secondary handler/short mid for many Too Bad nats teams.99114892017-11-22 11:11:54N 508-90601993-04-182017: Union 2016: Magma (MTL) 2015: Maverick (KW) know me already :P 4968114942017-11-22 14:11:53N 606-51181985-05-11Zen 2017, MMV 2016, some low level touring at Acadia. Mixed. 10+ years playing off and on, 4ish years focused. D-line cutter. 4133118452017-12-15 15:12:18N 509-69991978-11-14Zen, Mixed, 2010-2013, D-Handler Max Power, Mixed, 2014-2016, D-Handler Best Before, Open Master, 2017, D-Handler289115192017-11-23 09:11:16N 649-71422000-01-10Agincourt High school team in 2017, TUC summer teen league @ agincourt , fall TUC Women's league @ monarch, handler /cutter5539115592017-11-26 11:11:40N 579-38831973-09-23Playing league for 19 years. Personal goals are to improve cardio/conditioning and overall skills in these sessions.2114118432017-12-15 11:12:19N 999-58811980-10-10High comp/low elite level with minimal touring experience. Alliance (2014), Bingo and Chill (2018).1342118442017-12-15 14:12:02N 452-61191988-09-104 yrs touring, played with Union in 2017 as a defensive cutter. 3851118462017-12-15 16:12:38N 496-10581986-05-19Terra 2018 - cutter; Zen 2017 - hybrid4130118572017-12-16 00:12:06N 399-29831988-10-03Opens : Roy, Too Bad Mixed : Zen3028118662017-12-16 12:12:09N 332-31271990-03-15Zen 2017 Currently playing Intermediate/comp and tpl. Main role > cutter4991118672017-12-16 14:12:55N 861-91712000-05-17TORO boys competitive Jrs 2017 as cutter UPROAR boys competitive Jrs 2016 as handler4181118792017-12-16 17:12:20N 989-31961997-12-26I have played ultimate since in highschool. I was a member in highschool ultimate team as a runner. 5608118822017-12-17 12:12:09N 822-14881988-12-01MMV - 2014, 2015 Roy - 2016 Trail Mix - 2017 Primarily Handler/Hybrid3668118842017-12-17 15:12:13N