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In our mission of providing quality training to the Ultimate community, we will be offering paid stipends to qualified, experienced individuals. Download the application below and submit it on this page and we will follow up!

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Where can I find other coaching opportunities?2017-05-26T21:00:44+00:00

Here are some unpaid opportunities:

Contact a local junior high school or high school to offer your coaching to their Ultimate program!

For Toronto locals:

Toronto Ultimate Club – numerous junior leagues throughout the year, and “Coach for a Day” program at an adult league 

Reach Up – A registered non-profit organization engaging Indigenous children and youth in active, healthy living through the sport of ultimate and its coaches are volunteers. Coaches receive training and ongoing support from ReachUp board members.

I don’t feel qualified but I would love to coach!2017-05-26T21:04:19+00:00

We love enthusiasm! Fill out the application and you may be contacted for assistant or volunteer positions. Should you gain more experience, feel free to update your application and re-submit it to us.

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