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#First NameLast NameGenderEmailPhoneDOBOther TeamsOther Comments -1967-02-17I support the concept of a club system for these divisions and would actually support the process if I can, but as yet unsure which division I will compete in this yeartouring since 87. 4 National teams. ridiculous number of other tourneys including UPA Championhips with a league team a few times :-) -I have interest in both open and mixed masters, with preference to mixed. Being that it would be a new team, focus on coming together as a team and making the best push we can for CUC/Worlds qualification. Depending on where practice would be located, I'm happy to practice weekly in Southern Ontario, or monthly in Toronto/east GTA.Toured for 20 years. Participated at all levels of play in open and CUC level in mixed. -I would be very interested in mixed masters first and open masters second. Anything from weekly to monthly practices would be appealing to me. I'm looking for intermediate level competition at least. 2-6 tournaments a year sounds good. I am all about playing hard, having fun, and Spirit of the Game.I played at UC Berkeley from 1983 to 1987 then played club ultimate from 1987 -1999 in the US, both in the Bay Area and in Boston. I played with Red Fish Blue Fish, and we won co-ed Nationals in 1998 and co-ed Worlds in 1999. I've played in numerous tournaments across the US including Hawaii, and also in the UK. 273-85561981-05-19Mixed masters; no practice, but perhaps a night of league; 3-4 tournaments before nationals; low time commitment 3 years of touring; CUC 2015; PAUC 2015 Zen - 2013 & 2014 Terra (practice squad) - 2015
5Kathryn 846-56641981-08-17I am very interested in playing mixed masters this year. When this division was announced I felt like it was the announcement I'd been waiting for for years. As a player that's getting older and starting a family This was exciting for me as I still love touring and playing ultimate at a competitive level but don't always have the time to commit to a practice per week. I still love touring and would be open to attending as many tournaments as this team would be interested in playing. I plan on attending most local tourneys regardless of whether or not I'm on this team but would really love to compete at the first ever mixed masters cuc's. I would prefer one practice per month but would be willing to commit to whatever practice schedule the team agrees on. I would prefer to play on the most competitive team but overall really just want the opportunity to compete for a bid to cuc. My philosophy for the team would be to focus on being competitive while having a "work-life" balance knowing that a lot of masters players may have families that also take up their time. My goal is to continue to tour and play competitive ultimate as long as I can.I've been touring primarily with Bulldogs for the last 8 years. I've attended most Ontario tournaments including regionals. In 2013 I competed with Alliance when we finished 3rd at regionals and 11th at nationals. Last year with Bulldogs we won Rust Never sleeps. 227-21571978-04-24Although I entered the ultimate scene later in life, I continue to have a personal goal to develop and compete at the highest level possible. For this reason, I am interested embarking on this long-term journey by means of touring in the mixed masters division with like minded team mates. I believe that this is achievable with hard work and commitment to a disciplined structure; while understanding that team success is founded on strong values of mutual respect and support. If awarded the opportunity, I am prepared to participate in all the practices and tournaments (local or abroad) as required by the team. While I recognize that my formal touring experience is limited as compared to others in the community, I have had the opportunity to participate in local tournaments on various teams such as Druid (London) and Bulldogs (Toronto) over the past 7 years. As a handler, I played with Alliance at CUC 2013; I was a member on Lily in 2012; and I also played in the university series with Western University's Sharks in 2010 & 2011, where we respectively won bronze and silver at the championships. Last year, I picked up with Terra to play at No Borders 2016. 671-58581980-08-31Mixed masters Comp /elite level. 5 years touring MMV Lily Zen Ottawa team. Regionals a bunch of times. Women's nationals. And all the other normal touring tournaments... I have not played masters though... 939-62461975-08-30dshkhkjhkj (416) 435-26481981-10-04Strong interest in both mixed or open with preference towards open at an elite level of competition. I would prefer 2 mandatory practices and a consistent workout program focused on developing the strongest player in me. I'd like to play with a group not focused on winning per se, but playing the best game together as a team. The group would also be motivating, positive and accountable. Roy - O line handler Zen - coach/O line handler Manila Spirits Mumbai Ultimate Open Malaysia Ultimate Open 579-38831973-09-23Mixed masters, twice a month team practices with self-managed conditioning/skill improvement in between, team philosophy would be to have fun by playing hard (high level of effort) and being open to continued skill development and increased game IQ.Have never toured but have played TUC League (Comp and more recently Intermediate) for 18 years. Interested in tryouts for conditioning only; unable to commit to touring due to family commitments. 904-96811979-11-03I'm interested in playing for a competitive open or mixed masters team. Open is the preference because who wants to go to Saskatoon? As for number of tournaments, I'd like to play 4-5 this summer (including Nats & regionals).13 years of touring experience on lots of teams, open, master, coed. Medaled at CUC (masters). Play at club words in 2006. 997-06471981-11-28- Mixed masters - Practice frequency anywhere from 1/week (with some latitude for life obligations) to 1/month (less latitude of course). - Up for any level of competition. - Rust, Regionals, and another sound great. Maybe even a couple more. Just not a literally-every-weekend grind. Been there, done that :P - Goals-wise, to play hard and spirited as always, and to promote Masters.3 years touring, MMV 2014/2016, picked up w/teams in 2015 and did WBCU2015 w/Currier. Have played all the usual regional tournaments. 454-11931980-09-06open and mixed: both # practices: once a week level: I'd say high regional level, not national level tournaments: 2-3 goals: I want to learn and train this year with people who can share their knowledge and experience. The end goal is to be ready for competing at a higher level next year. Been touring with the bulldogs for more than 5 years, mostly in tournaments in Ontario (including a couple of Regionals). 830-52271984-04-22I like to play ultimate, I'm interested in playing ultimate... work is all consuming at the moment, but extremely interested to participate at some level. Pref: opens then mixedAustralian nationals 5years Some Canadian experience, 2 years regionals.